What Are You Supposed to Do if You Get Locked Out of Apartment?

So you discovered that you got locked out. What now? Getting locked out of apartment or your home is a big hassle. You have to take the time to call your landlord or find other means of entry. The worst part is if you have pets or a baby inside. In this case, you must know what to do to get the door open as soon as possible.

Avoid panicking at all cost. You can follow these tips so you can gain entry to your apartment right away:

Call your landlord

One option that you have is to call your landlord. This is if you haven’t changed the locks of the unit. Your landlord has a spare key that will open your apartment. However, the problem here is if your landlord is out of town or living in a farther place than yours.

Still, you can take a chance in contacting your landlord for help. It’s possible that they can call the maintenance of the building to crack the door open if you’re locked out of apartment.

Contact your roommate

If calling your landlord isn’t a practical option, you can contact your roommate. This is only applicable if you share the unit with another person. You can ask your roommate to lend you the key to open the door.