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What is a Fire escape gate/window gate?

To ensure your fire escape is safe and can be properly utilized, one of the simplest methods to use is a fire escape gate. It's important to get a fire escape window gates NYC installed properly by a professional. The reason for this is that an improperly installed gate can actually be more dangerous for you, your tenants, or your workers. For those who don't know, a window gate NYC is a required safety feature. However, it is also an additional entrance to your building. Because of this, it needs to protect your property while also offering the right protection for the people inside.

You need to make it your number one priority to replace old or worn out fire escape gates if you have an old or outdated fire escape gate. An expert installation will guarantee that not only does your fire escape gate work the way it's supposed to; it will keep on doing so for years to come.

Window Gates Types

Nowadays, the most popular window gate NYC you'll find on fire escapes is called a P-A-G. For those who don't know, it's a 4-piece retractable gate that has a diamond mesh with a crisscross shape that has spacing of 1 inch or less between the diamond points when extended. A P-A-G window gate slides open and shut on a metal track.

The next popular window gate is locked wrought iron bar. As long as they are attached to a hinge and are not padlocked shut. It's illegal to use a combination or keyed lock for a fire escape window gates NYC or fire escape gate simply because you may not remember the combination or be able to find a key should a fire occur in almost all communities.

Thanks to technology, there are other ways to secure your window gates. This includes security tape, wireless alarms, and motion detectors that activate when a window is opened or fire escape is accessed without authorization. These alarms are connected to a hotline which then alerts local law authorities to the unauthorized access.

What Is The NYC Law About Fire Escapes, Windows & Gates?

Fire escape window gates NYC with latches are approved by the state. Gates that require a key are considered illegal in New York City.

The law in New York City when it comes to windows, gates, and fire escapes are not that difficult. The problem is to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, fire retardant walls are not enough. The New York City law about fires escapes, windows and gates is there to protect tenants.

Any person who lives in an apartment building that has kids under the age of 10 is required by law to have window guards. It consists of metal bars, 15 inches in height and the crossbar openings are smaller than the width of a baby's head.

There has to be an alternative way to exit safely in case of fire. A window gate NYC is needed by NYC law. In the event of a fire on a floor above or below your unit, they offer another path to an indoor staircase clouded with smoke. You can head towards the roof and come down another set of fire escapes on the opposite side of the building away from the flames if a unit below is on fire. The window guard is welded into the opening as not to obstruct the open and closure of the window.

Window gate services including

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To help keep your home or business in NYC, safe and secure, gates and bars can be a useful tool. At Amsterdam Ave Locksmith, we offer NYC fire escape window gate and bars installation on all the features you need, including window bars, child guards and fire egress gates. The gates and bars install services that we provide are available for home and businesses at the most affordable rates. We guarantee your satisfaction with the bars and gates you choose.


To make things simple, no. If you’re a new tenant, if you move into an apartment in which window guards were installed for the previous tenant, you might not be charged for them.