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Many of the modern business nowadays would like their places to be installed with state of the art security features. With this, they can prevent cases of burglary and they can protect the safety of their property.

Luckily, our company can provide affordable commercial Locksmith in Upper West Side services.

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Our company's commercial locksmiths can assess the locks in your business and recommend a necessary plan of action. There is no need to study any technicalities in this regard but it will be helpful to have some basic knowledge about it.

24/7 Availability

Our company's commercial locksmith in Upper West Side services will take around 15 minutes to get in your place.

Our mobile commercial locksmith is on the road most of the time.


Whenever you are locked out in your office, there is no need to panic. Do not break the window or any parts of your office. The best thing to do is to call our company because we do have a group of an experienced commercial locksmith.

Our company has various methods to deal with any type of security services, whether you are the owner of a small time business or big-time industry. We can do the job with ease and quality.

New Lock Installation

Some of the locks we have at home and at our office do break easily. As such, it is best to replace them quickly to secure the premises.

Our commercial locksmith in Upper West Side will install a new lock system and remove the current lock.

For deadbolts, our commercial locksmith will unscrew it. Meanwhile, we will use other tools for the doorknob locks. Examples of which are the spanner, catch tool and plug follower. With this, the job can be done with ease and perfection.

Cabinet or Mailbox Change

Cabinets and mailbox are used often. As such, its lock can be easily damaged. With this, you have to observe proper maintenance to make it always functional.

Our commercial locksmith can change the locks on the mailbox and the cabinet. We do this by assessing the locks and replacing it according to the design of the furniture. Thereafter, we provide duplicate keys so each employee will have a copy of his own.

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