Tips for Locked Keys in Car Every Driver Should Know

Getting locked out of the car is every driver’s nightmare. It means missed appointments, delayed chores, and being late at work. It’s a hassle that would become a bigger problem if you don’t know what to do. So instead of wallowing in frustration, you might as well know these tips when you got locked keys in the car.

Look for alternative entries

If you just discovered that your keys were left inside your locked car, the first thing to do is to find an alternative entry. Check the passenger doors in case it’s not locked. You have better chances on the trunk. If the trunk isn’t locked, you can squeeze through it to unlock your doors. After that, don’t forget to take your keys with you.

Always troubleshoot the situation before assuming that you are really locked out. Many car owners often missed an unlocked trunk until a locksmith arrives.

Avoid any destructive methods

As much as you’re rushing to go home to make it to your appointment, avoid any destructive means. Some car owners make the mistake of cracking their cars open with blunt objects. The worst part here is that you may not open the car and you’ll just end up with deep scratches on the paint.

If you’re bent to use a DIY solution, untie your shoelaces instead. Using a shoestring, you must tie a slip knot and squeeze the other end into the tiny opening on the door. After that, try to place the slip knot on the post lock to pull it up. This should open the door, but only if your car has a post lock.