Modern Types of Locks to Consider for Your Property

Locks play a big role in the security of a property. You must choose the right type to ensure that your property will be safe from unauthorized access. There are many types of locks to choose from, including modern ones that offer a whole new level of security. In this post, we will look into these modern locks to see which one suits your property best.

Digital locks

Digital or electronic locks are on the rise due to its higher level of security. Digital locks use electronic current to both open and close the mechanism. Take note that most traditional digital locks are called ‘dumb’ electronic locks since it doesn’t use any smart features.

Of all modern types of locks, this is the easiest to find, not to mention that it’s also the cheapest. Usually, it has a keypad where you’ll enter the passkey. Others also have a manual key to override the system should a power outage occurs.

Smart locks

Smart locks are advanced versions of digital locks. Aside from the electronic mode of opening and closing the lock, it also includes alerts. This will warn the person if someone has entered a wrong passkey or trying to open the door by force.

Smart locks can be connected on a smartphone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It also makes security monitoring easier since you don’t need to keep a physical key.

Modern Types of Locks to Consider for Your Property

Electromagnetic lock

Also known as maglock or magnetic locks, an electromagnetic lock uses electromagnetic force to keep the door shut. This can withstand pressure and any attempt of forced entry. It uses an electric current to have a stronger force that will lock any door or window.

To open such a lock, it must be de-energized so the armature plate and the electromagnet will be released. This is also ideal for emergency situations as a power outage, call button, or fire relay will automatically open the door for the tenants to vacate the place.

Biometric door locks

Biometric door locks are popular among business establishments as it allows controlled access. It can either be a keypad or fingerprint powered system pre-programmed to identify a person’s fingerprint. For keypad-powered types, the owner of the establishment can change the passkey or PIN anytime to restore the place’s security.

This is considered a type of smart lock, which is widely used in office spaces. The good thing about this lock is it’s easy to find and quite cheaper than other options.

Door-base locks